|| J. Isaiah Young ||

Hey!  I'm Isaiah.  The J. on the front stands for Jerrod which is also my dad's first name.  Just in case you were wondering.


I'm the owner of Every Good Thing Photography and of every picture you see here.


I'm an Electrical Engineering major and a senior at Mississippi State University.

This business never started as a business in my mind.  It began as the desire of a ten year old laying in the floor of his living room looking through Best Buy Black Friday sales adds.  A boy who loved electronics and wanted a camera.


Time passed.  Seven years and one business plan later, I was gifted with my first camera as a graduation present from my wonderful parents.  


I'm in my fourth "full" year of officially where my business began and I'm just getting started.

People congratulate me on the things that I've done but I always point them back to the One who gifted me - my Heavenly Father. I've done nothing on my own. He is the one who has blessed me so very much with a mind for creativity, my very own camera, and bursts of inspiration. My camera is simply a tool with which I express my creativity and hopefully to His glory.