Authentic. Depth. True to Life.

Hi, I’m Isaiah! No matter where you’re I’m glad you’re here. I’m a 24 year old local to North Alabama with first and foremost a love for people. My artistic vision and creative heartbeat stem from a desire to stay authentic and true to life when reproducing you. I’ve been photographing since I was 17 and while each year has brought its own challenges and triumphs, 2020 has been one of the most introspective to date. My college roommate once told me that bios are hard to write, so here are a few fun facts that might convince you to keep reading to the boring details.

  • My first name is actually Jerrod - my dad's first name

  • I'm an enneagram 7 so travel & spontaneity are my THING

  • My family are the MOST important people in this world to me

  • I can play the guitar (singing...not so much)

  •  Most of my editing is done in a local coffee shop with my headphones in & some form of iced coffee in my hand

  • In my spare time I like to nap or watch a movie/TV show (Netflix is cool, but HULU is majorly slept on).


I'm a native of Madison, AL which is right down the road from Huntsville. And while you may love the Southern accents, I promise you'll hate the the humidity. I recently graduated from Mississippi State University with my degree in Electrical Engineering. And before you think otherwise, I have social skills, know things other than math, and don't work for a big tech company. 

Starting something like this my freshman year of college when words like, "influencer" and "portrait mode" weren't on the market was easier than it would be now. So while over the years things have changed, creatively, I've done my best to stick to what made me great - my artistic vision. Which stems from my desire to stay authentic and true to life when reproducing YOU. As a client when you choose me, I want you to choose not simply because I take pictures, but because you want the pictures I take to be applied to your life.

Photography shouldn't always be about booking the most weddings, shooting the most portraits, or always being the best, although those things and shouldn't be overlooked. At the core, my core focus should be about bringing MY best to the table and leaving the rest to the Lord. Neither me nor my talent would be possible without Him and He hasn't let me down yet. So where does this leave you? I'm not sure. But if you book Every Good Thing Photography I'm bringing it all to the table, and I know you won't regret it.

P.S. And well, since I’m an enneagram 7, I love fun. Here are just a few more fun facts to round out my personality. I LOVE movies and TV shows - think anything Matthew McConaughey, the Dark Knight Rises, and Arrival (it has Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner and is phenomenal). Music is a must, and to be honest it usually falls to worship music, BUT Needtobreathe, Drake, and true crime podcasts get the occasional listen depending on my mood. I love to travel (especially for photos) so if you're a destination client let me know. Chicago is my FAVORITE U.S. city (sorry NYC) and the furthest I've been west were both the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. Some of the cool people I've had the opportunity to shoot? Dak Prescott (quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys), T-Pain, and Passion Band (out of Passion City Church in Atlanta)