What is your turnaround time?

A full wedding gallery take 8-12 weeks & all other galleries take 1-2 weeks, depending on workload. If you haven't heard from me at all outside of these periods shoot me an e-mail for an update on the status of your gallery 

I'm worried about how I'll look. Will I have to pose myself?

Don't worry about posing, looking awkward, etc. It's my job to help you to remember to smile, make sure your hair looks good, and everything else you might worry about. Come ready to have fun and let me worry about everything else.

We don't live in the same state. What counts as a destination wedding?

A destination is anything over five hours away from me. I've traveled to five states so far  and plan to continue the upward trend in 2021

. I love to travel and so if you're from another state and curious about booking me for your wedding (especially if you're the West Coast), I'd love to chat with you!

What happens if I have to cancel or the weather is bad?

I only cancel in the case of an emergency, bad weather, or sickness in which case we'd reschedule ASAP since it was on me. If you were to cancel we'd reschedule without any extra cost to you, however since I schedule sessions on a first come first serve basis it wouldn't be ASAP and the next available date might not be in the near future. 

Ooof, what should I wear?

I generally discourage an obsessive amount of bright colors that will reflect lots of light such as neons or white (think anything you wore in 7th grade or your mom might've made you wear for family photos growing up. Instead, nude colors such as tans, greens, pinks, etc. look great. Look through my portfolio for some examples.

What if I want more than what's in your packages -  like an extra location, outfit, time, or prints?

You can certainly add on an extra location, outfit, or even more time -  all come at an additional cost. As for prints, you can purchase them directly from your gallery and have them shipped to you.