\\ B E L I E V E \\

\\B E L I E V E\\ verb I be·lieve I \ba-'lev\

Webster 1828: To credit upon the authority or testimony of another; to be persuaded of the truth of something upon the declaration of another

2. To expect or hope with confidence; to trust

Merriam-Webster today: to accept or regard (something) as true

2. to accept the truth of what is said by (someone)

For today's W 0 R D we begin with what my parents taught me. For those of you who at this point are like, "his parents everyday?". No, not my parents everyday

Belief is such a big part of our culture. We believe what we watch on the news, sometimes what hear on the radio, and even we see in movies. So much so that we begin to S H A P E our views and beliefs based upon what the world is telling us.

But the world isn't always right. Because it's the same world that allows genocide to continue, absolute power and corruption to flourish, and where mercy and compassion are no longer a thing.

Why? Because our actions are the result of our beliefs and our actions are what have an effect on this world.

I live in a world where innocence is for the taking, justice is so often silenced, and it is acceptable hurt more than to heal. Through the years so many have taken the simple message of Jesus coming and saving a broken world, a dead and dying people, and skewered it to their own B E L I E F S and agenda. In the process alienating some and drawing away others.

God loved and believed in us. He thought that we, before we ever born, ever created, were worth saving. His love and belief moved Him to action, just as our loves and our beliefs move us whatever path we may take. He sent His Son to die because we have done wrong.

People want to debate semantics and theology, but the truth is where we should start and always simpler than we want to believe.

Jesus lived a sinless life, died the death of a criminal – one He did not deserve, and rose from the dead on the third day.

Simple. Yes. But for some so hard to believe.

Over the years and throughout the ages men have done their best to make it their own and corrupted it, to the point where for some they only saw and still see it misshapen and untrue to its original form.

But there are others, who believe and hold fast. They share the truth and lead not with their mouths, but with their L I V E S.

Still others have accepted, but find themselves in the boat I frequent, not willing to lay down the things they hold on to for a life with Christ.

Wherever you are and may find yourself, Jesus is there. We make it so hard, but it is ever so simple. F I R S T we must simply B E L I E V E.

We Believe by the Newsboys takes the core of today's times and places it in the H E A R T of what I as a Christian believe.

In this time of desperation When all we know is doubt and fear There is only one foundation We believe, we believe In this broken generation When all is dark, You help us see There is only one salvation

We believe, we believe

We believe in God the Father We believe in Jesus Christ We believe in the Holy Spirit And He's given us new life We believe in the crucifixion We believe that He conquered death We believe in the resurrection And He's comin' back again, we believe

p.s. This is my sister and she's lovely, but to me only most of the time, which is usually my fault.

fun fact: i'm scared of her.