\\ C A L L E D \\

\\ C A L L E D \\

verb | \ˈkȯl\

Webster 1828: participle passive Invited; summoned; addressed; named; appointed; invoked; assembled by order; recited.

Merriam-Webster (of C A L L)

: to speak in a loud voice

: to announce or read (something) in a loud voice

Yesterday’s post was deep in a way, not every single one will be that way I promise.

What does it mean to be called? Is it waiting for “that” guy to dial the digits you gave him? Is it picking up and leaving your current way of life because you feel “called” to go somewhere? Or is it going to Krispy Kreme at 11:30 because the HOT NOW light is on and your stomach dials your brain, or the other way around, and is like, “Hey, we need to go”?

Depending on the definition of the word it can be all three. For anyone who has ever believed in anything strongly enough, they act on it. But even before they believe they sometimes feel drawn or “called” to it. For college student’s it can come in the form of choosing a major. I always said it was crazy for the world to make you decide where the best place is to get your degree, to choose your degree, and to decide if you want to do it debt free or not, all while finishing your last year of high school and doing it to such a level that you can achieve everything previously mentioned.

I’m so glad my dad had me take a year off.

But what anchors you? What makes you stick with that calling or vocation for the rest of your life? For some, like me, it’s their faith and they know that it is what God has called them to do. For others, it’s their talent and skills, God-given, in that area. And yet still for more, it is what they L O V E to do. Or any combination of the three.

Anytime I take pictures of someone there, for me, is always more than one great one. There’s usually at least three and if the shoot goes on for a decent amount of time there may be four or five. But you, or at least for me as a consciousness social media and marketing millennial, will only post one. But there is sometimes a close second that doesn’t get posted.

The picture above is of my friend Julianna Wallace. We had both our Chem 1 class and lab together. College is a tricky thing, meeting people and becoming friends. You don’t want to appear too eager, but you can’t take the sideline either.

I choose Jules for this picture because of the way she stands (in the picture, not in real life) and really for who she is. In the picture she isn’t arrogant, but confident both in herself and what she is striving to do.

In real life, she’s working to finish her bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, definitely not easy, but her D R I V E, her T E N A C I T Y, and her W I L L, to do what needs to be done, whether that’s studying crazy amounts of hours or until crazy times of night she’s willing to get it done.

Those are the things we need, and only a few to accomplish the reason we were put here.

Sometimes we forget our calling or lose our drive, and it takes a swift kick whether it be from God, our parents, or someone else in our lives to get us back on track.

Others struggle with whether they’re really called to what they’re doing in the first place – doors close, things happen, seasons change, people leave – and so we begin to question our calling. Was it meant to be?

It’s then that we have to look and say, “What do I believe?” Do I believe that I have been called to/for this? Is it what I’m supposed to do? We have to go back to the base, to our roots, and find remember the day it hit us – and we had our moment. We were like, “Wow, this is so cool”. We simply need that get up and go again. And if it’s not there, then maybe, just maybe, after L O T S of prayer, wisdom, guidance, and counsel it is time to move on.

But K NO W that you A R E called to something – a purpose and a plan. Everyone is, but it is up to them whether they want to take it.

Whatever you have been called to I will assure you this. Not everyone will understand. In fact, you may be the only one who understands. The road to get there will N E V E R be easy (TV and Movies lie, I’m currently finding this out myself). It is filled with detours, speed bumps, and those unforeseen, potholes. But is doable. Oh ever so doable.

Whatever it is that you are undertaking, and wherever you are, be all there. Accomplishing what you are set to accomplish. Not just floating, but D O I N G. Diligent until it is done.

p.s. Julianna was also featured during People of Instagram back in February and can be seen on our Instagram and website.

fun fact: This shoot with her mom was a good one. She’s got great parents. Don’t watch her snapchat story if you’re hungry. It will only make you hungrier.