\\ D E D I C A T I O N \\

\\ D E D I C A T I O N \\

noun | ded·i·ca·tion | \ˌde-di-ˈkā-shən\

Webster 1828: The act of consecrating to a divine Being, or to a sacred use, often with religious solemnities; solemn appropriation; as the dedication of Solomons temple.

2. The act of devoting or giving to.

Merriam-Webster today: a feeling of very strong support for or loyalty to someone or something : the quality or state of being dedicated to a person, group, cause, etc.

Writing, designing, and then setting up to post everyday can be difficult sometimes. It describes the very definition of dedication 😂.

I in no way picked these first four words to go together. Or maybe I should say the last three. From belief comes calling and within our calling comes dedication.

I chose the picture above because of the person that my cousin is.

Oh yeah, that is my cousin above. Joseph Seon Morris. At this point you could be like ..."Isaiah, your family first and then your friend and now back to the family." Bear with me. I P R O M I S E, it's not all like this. Hopefully you can just gather I love my friends and family 😂.

Joseph is two months younger than me, yes it is good to be older, especially with your birthday in September. You're not much older than anyone with that month.

Throughout our younger years, we were nowhere near as close as we are now. At least I'd say we're close. Closer anyway. Our first year of highschool, things changed though. I don't know for what reason, really I think it was that we identified with each other on more than one level (parents, girls, etc.)

As I grew into photography, he grew into videography, literally at the same time.

And just as you all may think I excel in photography, he is right there in videography. His work his so great. I chose him because I have watched his dedication to his family, his academics, and his love for video making, all whole keeping his priorities in line. Never wavering, never straying.

There sometimes in my life I look ay myself and I'm like, "You shouldn't be there." And I like at people like him or @weslanders , or @zachlanders, and they help me to remember, I can do it. I can do the things I'm supposed to do and be the person I'm supposed to be.

It can be hard to stay truly dedicated to our callings and just as excited about the things we're doing like we were on D A Y one.

I won't go into detail because some of that goes into what I wrote on calling.

Just know that whatever you're doing, do it with everything you have, ans if you're a Christian, do it as unto the Lord, and not to men. Because let's face it, if we do it for men, we slack after a while.

Keep on keeping on. Tonight's post will be at the same time as today. Evening posts will be for weekends.