\\ E F F O R T \\

\\ E F F O R T \\ noun | ef·fort | \ˈe-fərt, -ˌfȯrt

Webster 1828:

A straining; an exertion of strength; endeavor; strenuous exertion to accomplish an object; applicable to physical or intellectual power.

Merriam-Webster today: work done by the mind or body: energy used to do something a serious attempt to do something something produced by work

This weekend post won't take up to much room either.

Tonight I say and talked with a friend about different things. Most of which had one thing in common - freshman year. Most people, if you ask them will look back and say they wouldn't trade their freshman year for anything and I would most definitely be among them, but there are things I'd do differently.

Coming out of highschool, we thought we had the world figured out. That it was ours for the taking. We knew who we were, because that's what highschool was about, and what we wanted to do. At least most of us.

Highschool was little or no effort. For others it took hard work and dedication. But for sure if you were going to college and had dreams, wanted to make something of yourself, lots of what work.

We came from a world where our parents did their best to provide for our needs, but now grocery shopping, responsibility, and our very futures were in our hands. Talk about having to step up the game. But not just in school, in every area of life. From going to class, to studying (yep total game hanger), to even eating right, these things were now in our hands.

I love all the things I see on Twitter that are about high school seniors who've just graduated that have no idea, they think they do just as we did, about what lies ahead.

To the class of '16:

The road will be hard. But you can do it. Most assuredly, you C A N do it. It will take effort. Maybe more than anything you've faced before. To say no to people you so desperately want to impress. But they're people who could ruin your life. You'll want to do things that everyone else is doing. Things that could have you dismissed from everything you've worked so hard to achieve. I'm now a college sophomore and the one lesson I'm currently learning - the road to success, to achieve your dreams is not easy. It takes effort, most times more than what you think you have to give. But you have it and if you want to win, you'll give it.

Grey's may portray the operating room, but they don't show they A L L nighters it took to get there.

The Voice may show people who can sing. But they don't show the countless hours of P R A C T I C E it took for some to get there.

Drake and Beyoncé may have Views and Lemonade now, but it took M O R E than looks and great voices to get them where they are.

And it will most certainly take you more than your smarts and a F E W hours of studying to get you there too. You are where you are because those who you admire first believed in you. And they believe in you because they know you're meant for great things - called to something greater than yourself. Something you'll be dedicated to.

But first it begins with effort. You can do it, but no amount of belief from other people will make it happen.

It begins with you.