\\ F L A W L E S S \\

\\ F L A W L E S S \\ adjective | /ˈflôləs/

Webster 1828: adjective Without cracks; without defect.

Merriam-Webster today: being entirely without fault or flaw

Two things could be going through your mind. The first being, "Wow, she's pretty". And as for the second one, well I don't know what that would be, I don't read minds 😂.

Already a week into W O R D S, wow. I hope you've enjoyed everything so far. The best is still yet to come. Including today. So let's dive right in.

Beauty is such a thing in today's culture. One of the most interesting things about beauty though is that while there may be a universal standard for some, it is T O T A L L Y subjective. What one person thinks is beautiful is what another would turn their nose up at.

But this isn't about beauty. This is about being flawless. In our culture we so often associate the two together. To the point that they're siblings, twins that can't exist independently of each other.

To the point where I have friends who look G R E A T and yet they don't see it themselves.

They see their flaws and not their triumphs.

But there are two types of flawlessness - of the body, and of the soul. "The beauty of being human is that we are flawed, imperfect, it's what makes us different." - Alexis Sessions

I live on a college campus and so I see the lengths people go to impress others - revealing clothes, ostracizing others, and making assumptions, all to just "fit in".

Our problems are what make us unique. They are what can pull us together, make us stronger, and push us to heights we have never been.

But we live in a culture that tells us opposite. Cover up so you why be judged. Don't show them, because then they'll see you for who you really are. If only they knew would they S T I L L be friends with you?

What people have to come to realize is that the image that is portrayed by "flawless" people is just that - an image.

If highschool taught us anything, it's that everyone is the same way deep deep down inside and if it didn't then look at the world.

These people we idolize, they are flesh and bone just as we are. Steph and Ayesha Curry no matter how ‪#‎couplegoals‬ they are, are just people.

Beauty, true beauty, is being who God wants you to be. Loving Jesus and obeying him.

For the rest of the world it's called, "Staying true to yourself."

If your soul has been flawed Jesus came to heal your shame, your brokenness, and your scars. And He said it best. Let the person who has not sinned throw the first stone.

I have been there. You parents have been there. Generations past have been, generations future will be. We all have flaws, it is who we are.

Will we use them to grow or use them as excuses? Will we wallow in self-pity or rise from and above adversity?

For one moment allow your eyes to be opened, and see who you can be.

p.s. this picture is of Payton Tanner and she is beautiful A N D she can sing. ... Not just sing, but S I N G. It's so great.

fun fact: we got little dooeys after this shoot