\\ H E L P F U L \\

\\ H E L P F U L \\ adjective | help·ful | \ˈhelp-fəl; Southern often ˈhep- also ˈheəp-\ Webster 1828: That gives aid or assistance; that furnishes means of promoting an object; useful. 1. Wholesome; salutary; as helpful medicines

Merriam-Webster today: : making it easier to do a job, deal with a problem, etc. : giving help : willing to help other people If you look back at the top there is an additional "Southern" pronunciation of H E L P F U L 😂. I thought that was great. God sometimes situates and moves things that we aren't happy with. But then there are times He does it, we thank Him, and in our happiness we forget. But then there are other times we remember, and do not forget. This story starts about almost two years ago. A little baby girl was born a little early to her two loving parents. The first child to her parents, they named her Joy Elizabeth. Her dad worked helping to bring events and managing them to the city of Decatur and her mom worked with their church's Master Commission program. Once the little girl was born and after prayer, the mom returned to work and during the day the girl would stay with her great-aunt (my mom probably doesn't like the term great). Her parents would pick her up in the evening and take her home where they loved and nurtured her. That little girl is pictured above. Okay. No more little kid story book dialogue. That is my cousin Joy. You've seen her on both this and my personal Instagram feed. She's one of the sweetest, cutest, and energetic packages of a little human being you'll come across. I chose Joy for this W O R D a little while back. There are not many kids, at least that I've come across, under one that help in throwing their packaged up duty disorders away. Sounds weird, yes I know, but stick with me. Her mom or dad would change her diaper. Afterwards they'd hand it to her and tell her to go throw it away. She would, without hesitation, throw the diaper in the trash can, they'd wash her hands, and that was the end of it. There were other things she would do that they would ask her to do and help out right. She would willingly do them and then go about her business. I'd see this and I'm like, "Wow." Her helpfulness is a blessing to her parents. In the same way, God loves us and W A N T S to help us any chance He gets. So many times, myself included, we cry out to God when we need help. Am I right? I'm guilty of it. For college students it's prayer when taking that test we just crammed for, "Lord, you see me, and you know me and I know the plans you have for me. Plans to prosper..." So on and so forth. For some they ask for help when they're about to die. He is there for them. For others it's not so extreme, but you G E T the picture. Sometimes the Lord's help is involuntary. Like when we get a bad grade on that test so we realize we need to form better study habits. Other times we have to accept His help. An example of this comes in the form of him speaking to us, about a friendship, relationship (yes the romantic kind), or a decision. We pray for weeks, hours, sometimes even seconds. And He gives us an answer that is not what we wanted to hear. So we sit there and look up at the ceiling, sky, or wherever we are just up, and say, "Lord? Was that really you?" Knowing it was, but not accepting what He had to say. I imagine his response is a mix of, "..." and "You can do it". Whatever the case, He is good. Here, I stop and although the letter O is a little ways down the line, I'm going to go into this further when we talk about the word O B E Y. Stay tuned. p.s. this is what was referred to as crazy face when she was younger. fun fact: she is a little like me when i was younger.