\\ I N N O C E N C E \\

\ I N N O C E N C E \\ noun | in·no·cence | \ˈi-nə-sən(t)s\

Webster 1828: noun [Latin innocentia; in and noceo, to hurt.] 1. Properly, freedom from any quality that can injure 2. In a moral sense, freedom from crime, sin or guilt; untainted purity of heart and life; unimpaired integrity. 3. Freedom from guilt or evil intentions; simplicity of heart; as the innocence of a child. 4. Freedom from the guilt of a particular sin or crime.

Merriam-Webster today: the state of being not guilty of a crime or other wrong act : lack of experience with the world and with the bad things that happen in life : lack of knowledge about something Interesting how the first definitions are opposite.

We finally made it to one of our promo photos!

This is Emily Hubbard. She was one of the first people I took pictures of with my 50mm lens. You can check those out on from back in April.

I'm telling you, Emily is really cool. She beats on things like drums when she worships, she sings (really well), and she's a good friend. One of her qualities that's even better though, is the fact that she likes to see the best in people.

And that is literally how every single one of us comes into the world.

We are trusting, loving, and hungry little human beings. It's our time in the world that changes our view on life.

I was sitting at the summer Bible study for the campus ministry I go to. One of my friends (actually featured later in this series) is volunteering at a day camp for kids full of middle schoolers.

She, I, and a couple others sitting there started talking about how middle school was rough (you're still a kid w/problems even if you're homeschooled 😊, but that's another talk for another day). We continued and a statement was made about how basically during that time, if it hasn't been already, you're innocence is stripped away. Just like the seeds on the dandelion.

It is a part of life, but how it's done has the lasting affect.

Jesus didn't come to mend our view of a broken world. Nor did He come to have us look at it only through rose colored glasses.

Instead He came to change our view - to have us see the world for what it is, but through His eyes.

Seeing the lost, the broken, the captive, and instead of remembering what was done to us, see what's been done to them and to reach out to be His hands and feet.

He mends our brokenness and the loss of our innocence by asking us to take his hand, growing in Him, and leading others to Him.

He says, "He who wants to be the greatest must first be the least," and "Suffer the little children to come unto Me, for such is the kingdom of heaven".

Children are everything we should be. Trusting. Loving. Brutally honest. Bold.

But instead the world shapes us and we feel we have to play by it's rules, when instead it should be playing by ours.

As a Christian, it's should be my goal to return to the qualities of a child. Letting the love of Jesus wash me and scrub me clean of all this world has added on to me.

To the point I fully trust, love, and obey Him and see the world as he sees it. A "new" innocence if you will.

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fun fact: emily has a puppy named indigo rose.