\\ L A U G H T E R \\

\\ L A U G H T E R \\ noun | laugh·ter | \ˈlaf-tər, ˈläf-\

Webster 1828: noun l'affter. Convulsive merriment; an expression of mirth peculiar to man, consisting in a peculiar noise and configuration of features, with a shaking of the sides and expulsion of breath.

Merriam-Webster today: the action or sound of laughing :a sound of or as if of laughing archaic : a cause of merriment

Yes. Yes. Yes. So much yes in this picture. Genuine. Authentic. Real. There is no doubt as to what my arts and crafts loving, education majoring, child loving friend Abigail Yann is doing in this picture.

So many times I get ready to take pictures of people and they tell me, “I can’t smile” or “I’m not photogenic.”

My cure for this every single time, is to make them laugh.

Growing up, I had two smiles. The one I tried and the one I had when I laughed and you can guess which one my mom liked to see.

Being behind the camera is where I am in my comfort zone and I most assuredly D O N ’ T like being in front of it.

That was seriously not an invitation to snap a picture of me whenever possible.

The one thing that I kept telling my family after getting home for the summer - get all four of us together in the same room, especially if we hadn’t seen in each in a while and start to talk about old stories, O H my G O O D N E S S we will laugh and laugh and L A U G H - is that I hadn't laughed, like I did with them, the entire school year.

My mom used to quote the scripture, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

It's proven, laughter helps to improve short term body functions (loosens muscles, increases heart rate, etc.).

And inside, oh my goodness, the way we feel after a G O O D laugh. It drives out A N Y, bad feelings we had in the moment.

You can't deny it.

Comedy is a part of our culture - from yesteryear and Andy Griffith, to today and The Office - part of our lives as humans are built on humor.

Example: SNAPCHAT thrives off of humor. Their filters are meant to make people happy. And people's stories sometimes, oh my goodness. The best. I have one friend who literally has a small follwing watching her day to day adventures. Because we love seeing her through our phones? Well yes that too. But because she makes us laugh and we N E V E R know what's coming next.

Yes, Shanika Parker in case you're reading this, it's totally you.

So, I C H A L L E N G E you to make someone laugh today. Just one. Brighten their day and put them in a better mood than they were when you first saw them. If they were in a good mood, make it even greater.

It's my job as a Christian to have and spread unspeakable joy. Does this always happen? No. Life happens for sure and so it's my challenge in those times to ahve joy.

Genuine laughter can sometimes be a good indicator of joy.

Today, be contagious.

p.s. Q: How did the skeleton know it was going to rain? A: He could feel it in his bones

fun fact: Abi Yann will one day be a great teacher and babysitter for my family. Our friendship began after we broke the awkward "Hi," thing we did through the end of first semester and the beginning of second semster, knowing who the other was, but never having met.