\\ N A M E \\

\\ N A M E \\ noun I \'nam\

Webster 1828: NAME, n. 1. That by which a thing is called; the sound or combination of sounds used to express an idea, or any material substance, quality or act; A name may be attached to an individual only, and is then proper or appropriate, as John, Thomas, London, Paris; or it may be attached to a species, genus, or class of things, as sheep, goat, horse, tree, animal, which are called common names, specific or generic. 2. The letters or characters written or engraved, expressing the sounds by which a person or thing is known and distinguished. 3. A person. 4. Reputation; character; that which is commonly said of a person; as a good name; a bad name. 5. Renown; fame; honor;

Merriam-Webster today: : a word or phrase that refers to or that can refer to a specific person : a word or phrase that refers to a specific place or thing : a word or phrase that refers to a type or group of things

Yesterday’s post was missed for many circumstances, B U T we’re still on track.

Your name is who you are, where you come from, and sometimes even who we are going to be.

In the case of Jesus, his name means “Salvation” or “the Lord is Salvation”. In fact, God Himself gave Him that name.

The Bible says, “And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12 ESV

I see the world in which I live and all the other N A M E S that vie for our attention. Zayn Malik. Kit Harrington. Alton Brown. Phil Wickham. The list is longer and certainly move diverse than that.

These people and things are not bad necessarily, some can be, in and of themselves. The dangerous thing is who we go and make them in our lives.

I myself am guilty of “I D O L S” in my own life. Who I submit and bow my heart to on a day to day basis.

Sometimes they are obvious. Like when we’re late for class repeatedly or skip it all together because we’re constantly binging our favorite show.

Others times they’re less obvious and fly under the radar until they explode in bomb like fashion. Once that happens we’re like, “Whoa where did that come from?”

They S U C K our time, our energy, and in some severe cases our ambition, tenacity, and purposefulness from our lives and away from the things that matter.

For myself as a Christian and idol pretty much takes the form of anything I put before Jesus Christ, the One who came as salvation, in my own life.

He alone is the One who gives life. Idols mostly show up in our life because we’re trying to fill something in ourselves. Something only Christ was meant to fill and S A V E us from.

But what to do? Some people remove these things for a season and some permanently. It’s different for each person.

I challenge you, with the intent of looking at myself this next week, to see what takes your time and attention away from the things that are supposed to be first.

Once we remove them, we’re never the same.

P.S. my name is Isaiah (duh), which means, “The Lord is Salvation.”

Fun fact: …MY FIRST NAME IS JERROD. Which no one knows. They find out at a certain point in any friendship. I DON’T prefer Jerrod, J.I., or whatever else the creative side of your brain would like to come up with. Unless you’ve known me my whole life and then that’s allowed. Just Isaiah. I love you. Come back tomorrow and join me for the picture that started W O R D S.