\\ O P P O S I T E \\

\\ O P P O S I T E \\

adjective | op·po·site | \ˈä-pə-zət, ˈäp-sət\

Webster 1828:

OP'POSITE, a. [L. oppositus.]

1. Standing or situated in front; facing;

3. Contrary; as words of opposite significations; opposite terms.

Merriam-Webster today:

: located at the other end, side, or corner of something : located across from something

: completely different

This is the picture that started it all, although it did take me a minute to come up with the word I would use. My journal entry/thoughts/words have to do with a song by a band called Leeland. I never had much in my heart for the band, but this song is neat and bomb.

The entire song is great, but three of the most important parts are the only one’s I’ll show:


When everyone is setting the pace

It's okay to run the opposite way

[Verse 2]

He knelt in the garden and prayed

Father, let this cup pass from me

It's not Your will for me to stay

Your will for me is the opposite way

[Verse 3]

And it seemed like He was locked in a cage

And He couldn't find away of escape

But through the cross He conquered the grave

My Jesus ran the opposite way

Someone recently asked me how my thought process worked. What ensued was my describing it in great and painstaking detail (if you know me well enough you understand). This analogy may go smoother.

In the instance of this song, the world is F U L L of people, masses, all going one direction. Some take various routes to get there, but in the end they all end up one place – death and destruction. Jesus said it first in Matthew 7:13, “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many.”

In the midst of this you have people who stop, turn, and go the opposite way. There have been those who both physically and spiritually D A R E D to challenge what this world was saying.

They wouldn’t accept the limitations and constraints put on them by this world.

In our day to day lives they look like, Thomas Edison, George Washington Carver, Galileo, and Steve Jobs.

Spiritually, they look like those in Hebrews Chapter 11. Those of whom the world was not worthy.

These people are H E R O E S and world C H A N G E R S - the ones we look up to. So many want to be like them but they don’t want to make the sacrifices it took to get there.

Each and every day as a Christian I have the choice to go the opposite way and go forward or the way of the world and backwards.

The person pictured above is my friend Maggie Conner. Lol it’s kind of funny because I met her like five weeks maybe before the school year ended, though she’d been around at L E A S T all of that semester.

One thing you’ll learn about Maggie if you get to know her is that she is a R E A L person – she likes people to be honest and will be totally honest in return.

Just because you don’t see someone everyday making the right decisions, doesn’t mean you don’t know they aren’t.

Maggie does take the steps to go the opposite way. And though none of us are perfect, there is grace and forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

Keep going. You can do it. It’s not over yet.