\\ R E B I R T H \\

\\ R E B I R T H \\

noun | re·birth | \(ˌ)rē-ˈbərth, ˈrē-ˌ\

Webster 1828:

Not found.

BIRTH, n. berth. [L. partus, the participle of pario, to bear.]

1. The act of coming into life, or of being born.

Merriam-Webster today:

: a period in which something becomes popular again after a long period of time when it was not popular

: a period of new life, growth, or activity

Not having a definition is definitely a first.

Our lives had a definite end. Death. Hell. The Grave. Destined for lives separate from the God who created us.

But Jesus, who knew our story, took our place and died for us on the cross. For we deserved death, but in His grace and mercy loved us enough that He justified us in the eyes of God.

Jesus told Nicodemus, who was later one of Jesus’ secret followers, for a man to see the kingdom of God He must be B O R N again. Nicodemus took Jesus literally, but Jesus was speaking of a spiritual rebirth. Once we become saved we are a N E W creation. Like completely new. Not halfway, not just a little, not 99%. A L L the W A Y new.

In that moment of rebirth, and not just then but after, we should feel as one writer puts it, “unreasonable joy, reckless hope, astounding stability, lavish Love, and breath-taking freedom” – Claire Hilton

As we begin our journey though, we still live in the world and sometimes it grabs ahold of us and we feel that the bad things we have done after or before salvation are T O O big for God’s grace.

Our rebirth in Him doesn’t depend on how we feel nor is it conditional on how big we T H I N K our sins may be.

Instead it is dependent on what the Son of God has already done on the cross.

Does that mean we can do whatever we want? To continue purposefully in sin so that grace can cover everything wrong we do? No.

But it does mean we should live as the resurrected, reborn, redeemed children of God that we are. Bought with a price to know Him and to declare His praise to the glory of His name.

He died once and for all for the sins of A L L men.

Are we being renewed constantly daily? Being transformed by the renewing of our minds? Are we living worthy of His death?

It’s the key to staying R E B O R N.

P.S. This is my friend Laura Leigh Hicks. She is a …P H E N O M E N A L… artist. Like for real if y’all think I’m good with a camera you should see her ability with a stick or simple BIC pen. Check her out over @ Sketch37 on Facebook or Instagram.

Fun fact: I have yet to fix the record player I beat her out of.