\\ S A T I S F Y \\

\\ S A T I S F Y \\

verb | sat·is·fy | \ˈsa-təs-ˌfī\

Webster 1828:

SAT'ISFY, v.t. [L. satisfacio; satis, enough, and facio, to make.]

1. To gratify wants, wishes or desires to the full extent; to supply possession or enjoyment till no more is desired. The demands of hunger may be easily satisfied; but who can satisfy the passion for money or honor?

Merriam-Webster today:

: to cause (someone) to be happy or pleased

: to provide, do, or have what is required by (someone or something)

: to cause (someone) to believe that something is true

What satisfies you? Fills your soul? Scratches the itch, fills the void, and takes the dull ache away right inside?

There’s a God-shaped hole inside us all and sometimes (most times) we fill that with all sorts of things. Food. Music. Entertainment. Anything to pull us away from the real question. Why am I so dead inside?

It’s true, even some Christians hide behind their gifts and talents – singing, songwriting, photography, art, drama, academics, business - the list goes on and on.

You see each and every day Jesus is calling us to take up our crosses and follow Him. It never consists of one big haul, but instead, day-to-day steps to become all that we were meant to be in Him. One thing that personally satisfies my soul is M U S I C. I don’t deviate much from what I listen to, but, worship music truly can satisfy, at least temporarily, my soul. Is that a bad thing? As long as my attention is on the one being worshipped and not the music itself then no.

The things that satisfy us can begin to destroy us when they become the focus of our attention and everything we are instead of the One we were meant to serve. Trying to satiate our souls with T H I N G S is like trying to quench our thirst with Coke.

By Coke, I don’t actually mean Coca-Cola. Since I’m southern (and glad to be so) any kind of carbonated beverage is referred to affectionately as Coke. Not soda, pop, or anything of the sort. You Dr. Pepper drinkers are included too :D.

Back to what I was saying…

Drinking Coke on a hot summer day doesn’t do anything but make you thirstier. It’s the same with the things that satisfy us. In the heat of this world, they only make us worse off, after our moment of instant gratification, than before.

Trying to fit a puzzle piece in a place it wasn’t meant to go only serves to frustrate us and quite possibly break the piece.

Instead, we ought to try and deal with the important issue first. Our need for a Savior. And then we usually find that He is the One who put our desires there in the first place – to glorify Him and make us happy.

This is Layne. Layne can sing - like actually sing really good. Come to think of it, during certain songs so can sound like Lauren Daigle :D. Layne can also play guitar. She led worship at the campus ministry I go to and I’m so glad to call her my friend. I got to know her a lot better second semester since she was a mentor for one of my classes (she’s the same major as I am).

Her ability and love for worship is one I hope to have and even surpass one day.

This picture doesn’t do her personality justice, but it grabs the C O O L side of her. Keep doing you Layne. We all love you and are cheering you on.