2017 <-- Looking Back...


It's me. Of course you already know that. You're probably here to find out if you won The Hail State Collection giveaway. If you want to know, skip to the bottom, BUT if you want to read a few (hopefully) insightful things about where this ship is headed then I encourage you to read on. I don't like boring reads (who does?) and so I hope this one isn't.

One year ago I had just shot my first wedding. Christmas had just come and gone. I was about to be a second semester Sophomore at Mississippi State (Hail State) and I was about to attend Passion 2017 at the Georgia Dome with some of my greatest friends. Fast forward one year and I'm about to shoot my 7th wedding, I've just finished the first semester of my junior year, and I'm taking a semester off of school to intern with a company in the defense industry (part of the reason I'm not going to Passion 2018).

This past year my skills have grown even more. I say that not to pat myself on the back, but because practice helps to perfect any skill. And if photo shoots count as practice, then I've had enough to make anyone's head spin.

One area I struggled with, in relation to photography, this past year was my confidence. Now you all might think it sounds crazy, but it's true. Anytime I go to take a picture I wonder, "Will I get 'THE' shot?, Will they look good? This feels generic, is there anything more I can do?" Often times feeling lackluster in my creativity.

Part of this comes from a place of simply not relying on the Lord as I should, part of it comes from doing so much on the fly and spontaneously, and lastly it comes from having my own form of creative burnout - doing too much and not recharging.

In 2018, I want to change that - I want to plan, do my research, and rely on the source of my creativity, the Lord, even more, while taking the time to stay refreshed.

This coming year, I need to focus less on growing a business and more on who God has called me to be. By that I mean that this year, I really worked a lot on being creative in some ways, and shooting as often as I could in others. This coming year I want to create the infrastructure to support it.

- I want to FINALLY order business cards,

- I want to streamline my editing process.

- I want to discover more and more what this company is supposed to be.

Before I go into the ways in which to accomplish this, I want to stop. Because I've got three days to explain and three winners to announce (one today, one Wednesday, and one Thursday). And besides. none of you are here to read about that (well maybe some of you are genuinely interested). but most of you are here to find out tonight's winner.


without further adieu...

our first winner is....

CHASE GARTRELL! Chase DM me Instagram @everygoodthing.photo for your prize. For those of you who didn't win, check back tomorrow for winner TWO.

One last thing. This picture is of my old camera. I say old because I got a new one at the end of October (I think). It's somewhat meant to symbolize the setting of the old - the beginning of something new. It's a beautiful, adventurous, and exciting thing. I hope you'll be here for it with me.