Cities - Chapter One

Often times we’re born with a gift - whether that be the ability to sing, dance, make others laugh, or simply make friends, it’s something special and unique only to us.

I didn’t know I had the gift of taking pictures until I was 18 and even then it’s taken a few years to cement that in my mind.

When you start out as a creator you have so many exciting ideas and things you want to try. Some turn out great, in fact most turn out great, but others not so much.

It takes a minute, but over time you’ll start to catch the eye of your friends, then their friends, and then complete strangers. Then people start asking you to do all kinds of things - sing this song or shoot this wedding or draw this image. Some ideas you’re down for and others bring apprehension because, well, you’ve just never done it before. Sometimes you get lost in the crazy result of creating cool things and doing school and/or life. You forget that this gift started with your creativity and the desire to do something cool. Soon enough you become drained and just want it to stop so you can take a break.

Let me tell you, I WANTED A BREAK. I told my cousin Joseph that in 2018 we were going trip and just take the time to create - to go back to where it began for me. Grabbing a friend and shooting without a time limit or pay or anything that would put any kind of pressure on me whatsoever.

Back in January I grabbed him and my friend Sarah. We tripped to Chattanooga and took the time to just take pictures/shoot video and let our creativity go. In the process we ran into a gang member that Sarah woke up from his nap, we “trespassed”, walked a lot, created some dope things, and saw a beautiful view.

I want to post pics from the summer wedding season (that ends this week) BUT first and for the rest of this week + part of next week, check out Chapter One of Cities.

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