+ the Unknown +

Sometimes when you go exploring “dangerous” places you never know what you may come across. And that was EXACTLY the case when Sarah (being no one but herself) tossed a brick into the air at the abandoned mill we started our day at. It hit the first floor ceiling (what was left of it anyway) and then hit the ground.

Sarah then walked to the other side of the mill and about two minutes later Jospeh and I here this abundance of muttering and curses, which then turned into yelling and curses. Apparently we had awakened a current Crip and maybe fugitive (tbh I don’t remember his name) from his nap.

Across the span of 40 minutes, and before we were asked to leave because of “trespassing” by the owners, he told us of the other people he’d shot at who’d come to make a rap video, his friend who’d murdered someone, and educated me on how gangs put their guys onto people. all in all it was just the beginning of our adventure. and all that to say, stay safe out there kids <3

p.s. My cousin Joseph did an AWESOME job shooting video during our time in Chatt + I had a rad time editing and color grading it. Check out this small video (1 min. 43 sec.) if you haven't already of our morning adventures (and our Crip gang friend 😅).

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